Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eclipse sculpture

Here's how the "Eclipse" sculpture is coming along...Click on the pics for a bigger size.

I have to clamp my grinder to the table to carve the granite and marble spheres. You can go through a lot of gloves this way...

My earlier sculptures played with round, flat shapes. I'm finding the spheres to be a nicer feel, more three-dimensional, especially in a piece like this

This is the general piece. Now to make a base...

This shape was a departure from the more symmetrical forms in my "Paths" series. In those pieces, I wanted to convey a feel of steady-ness, adverting obstacles with grace. This piece, to me anyway, shows a sliver of time, or perhaps a very long passage through ever moving surroundings. The piece is quite literal compared to my other work, but I have had so many wonderful analogies while working on it. The blue stone is quite captivating.

This was a little Jedi trick I learned...

All photos ©2009 Lara Sanchez/Dancing light Photography

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