Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Heart Bloom" found a wonderful new home in Fountain Hills. I did two shows in Arizona in March: Carfree Fine Art and Wine Festival (which got rained out - ouch!) and Fountain Hills Fine Art and Wine Affaire. Both were Thunderbird shows. Times are certainly lean for everyone, so I feel very blessed that I moved some work.

"Traverse", seen in the last blog below, is going to live in Milwaukee. People LOVE that Blue Bahia granite!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Works

Black Galaxy Granite, Blue Bahia & Golden Butterfly granite, White Carrara marble

Imperial Red and Golden Butterfly granite


Oh my gosh it's finished. Fitting that the lower picture has snow on it : )
The day after we finished cleaning the patio, it snowed even more. We folks here in Santa Fe are used to snow, but in the past we could ski on the storm days and usually get a good amount of work done in between. This El Nino season brought snow - and COLD - every week. We told the clients, in November, that this would take a month or so, since it was winter. We finished first week in March. Ouch! Once true spring comes we will turn on the water with the light. I'll post it! Next project...

Here is the back wall going up, right before the flagstone shelf is installed. We had a freak spell of warm weather so were were able to work on this in a normal time span. We did most of the back wall in about a week, until, of course, it snowed another foot. We just shoveled the patio and did what we could...

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