Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello Friends
After a successful show at the 26th Annual Sculpture in the Park show in Loveland, CO., I have been a busy boy with some new commissions. First is a 22" tall table sculpture based on the "paths" series, but a little more random in shape. It will have a Black Galaxy granite body (with bits of reflective laboradorite) and Gold (the sun), blue (Earth) and white (moon) stone spheres tucked into the curves. I'm liking what I'm calling the "Cosmos" pieces very much, the first of which sold in Loveland.

After I finish that, I will be working on a larger 6' free standing sculpture that's based on the "Raincatcher" fountain design seen below. This was originally going to be a wall installation but the client and I agreed on a piece that she could move if she wanted. The granite is very busy with red and brown colors and swirly features. I'm excited to make it! I'll post pics when it's done...


  1. What's the red swirl in the black granite above? Is it natural?
    Congratulations on doing well at Loveland. That's an awesome show. We went several times when we lived up there.

  2. It is the china marker I'm using to draw the basic shape on the stone. It does look cool on the black...