Wednesday, October 21, 2009

let's work on this now...
The finished installation "Reciprocity" in private front courtyard, Santa Fe. 74" x 27" x 15", Granite, of course. When you are standing at her front door, you can see the Aspens through the cutout. This was originally going to be inside her home, against a wall. After seeing it finished in my shop, she decided for the outdoor space. I love it there!

The mighty forklift! The loaders at the Loveland sculpture show had never seen a sculpture picked up like this, with the boards acting as handles.

The flamed side with polished concave circles. A little color sealer will bring the flamed color out just enough.

The polished side before I flamed the circles. The flaming gives it a "crackled" texture, sort of like a chiseled texture but different. All stones react differently to the flaming. This granite flamed beautifully.

Me polishing the inside of the cutout. All the little curves are tricky which entail using different kinds of polishing pads at different angles.

1" steel rod

The base, with the top and bottom layers polished and the middle layer flamed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Commission

Hey Friends. Now I'm working on a custom six foot sculpture for a woman in Eldorado, based on the "Raincatcher" fountain seen a few blogs ago. Here you will see drawings, templates and the actual piece starting to take form on the table. The piece will be polished granite with flaming techniques in the concave round bits. Feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy...