Monday, April 18, 2011

Rio Rancho, NM Custom Fountain Install 4/18/11

So, this is an example of some of the many steps that go into fabricating and installing a custom fountain. This piece was installed at a private residence in Rio Rancho, NM
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First, I have the clients pick out their stone. After discussions about specific designs and dimensions, I load it into my studio.

I usually have to cut the stone flat on the bottom so it will fit onto the stainless steel stand used to support it.

A big stone drill press is used to drill the hole. After that, all the carving detail is done on the face and/or the sides of the stone. Templates are used for specific designs but I like to freehand carve as well.

Now we're on site and ready to install. Dig a hole...

Pond liner, stainless steel supports and galvanized expanded metal. The pump is sitting at the bottom about 2 1/2' down

Add some river rock and a light at the base of the fountain, set the flow and enjoy!

Limestone Fountain, 54"

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